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Summer home improvement projects

  • 13 Jan 2015

The summer holidays are a great time to get all those little jobs done around the house which get bypassed during our busy daily schedules.

Most homeowners have at least a few projects on their New Years Resolution list alongside the 'exercise more' and 'eat less junk food' resolutions. Some will only take a little time, like hanging pictures, other larger jobs may need a day or two, such as re-sanding and resealing the decking.

Handyman Painting
Fence painting

It's a good idea to plan your projects before you begin to ensure you have the right tools and equipment.

Take a moment to list out what you need

One of the top reasons home improvement jobs don't get finished is lack of planning. Running out of paint with 8 fence posts left and only half an hour of daylight drastically reduces the chances of job completion.

Make accurate measurements

Ever tried to hang a new door which is the wrong size? What about installing a towel rail which is too big for the space on the bathroom wall? Hardware stores are full of DIY enthusiasts saying "That should be about right." Sometimes it is right, but other times it is so very wrong.

Make your project as straightforward as possible by measuring your job to start, then measure again just to be sure. Unless you really love the drive to the hardware store that is.

Check your tools

Drill, check. Sander, check. Don't stop there. Make sure they are safe and in working order. Any tools with exposed wires or frayed or damaged cords should be repaired before using (and no we don't mean with electrical tape). Drill bits sharp? Plenty of sandpaper?

Do your research

Even if you are pretty sure you know what you're doing, getting some advice from those in the know could provide valuable time-saving ideas. Ask the staff at your hardware store, tradie friends or DIY websites (a search for 'DIY home improvement tips' will give you heaps of info).

Know where to stop

Knowing which tasks are best left to the professionals will keep you and your family safe, and your insurance coverage intact. Any electrical work needs to be carried out by a licenced electrician and most plumbing work over and above changing washers or replacing a shower head needs a licenced plumber.

Handyman Brisbane
Fallon Solutions trade services

If your New Years Resolution list includes some home improvement projects which you don't have the skills for or you would like to use your holiday time to get a tan and hang out with the family, enlist a skilled tradesperson to do the work. In the long run, you gain a restful holiday and the knowledge your projects are being carried out by an experienced, fully insured professional.

Hiring a tradesman tip - get your tradie to do several jobs in one visit to save money.

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