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Tips for saving energy in your business

Saving energy means saving money, which means more profit every month. Think about how much most businesses focus on saving on expenses they can see every day such as labour and fuel, but most small businesses don't realise how much they can save on electricity and other energy costs. Some ene ..

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Wear and Tear on extension leads can be dangerous

Did you know that carrying out a visual check of your electrical leads is vital to ensuring that they are safe and in good working order. Damage to extension leads can include the insulation cracking, frayed or coming away from plugs. These are telling signs that your extension leads need re ..

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Why Water And Electricity Don't Mix

Most people know that water and electricity do not mix, but many do not know why. The simple answer is that water conducts electricity. The deadly combination Interestingly, the complex answer may initially seem to contradict the simple answer. Water itself doesn’t conduct electricity, it is ..

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General Electrical Safety Tips

Tips for electrical safety in your home or office. These tips should ALWAYS be part of your safety plan. Check all electrical leads and plugs for any damage. Ensure electrical leads DO NOT run under carpets. Never nail or staple leads in place. Replace all leads secured this way. Exten ..

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