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Smoke Alarms

Smoke alarm installation, testing, and upgrades

Smoke alarms reduce the risk of death in a house fire by more than half, but to be effective the alarm must be working, correctly installed and maintained. Fallon Solutions master electricians offer specialist smoke alarm installation, testing, maintenance, and hardwired, interconnected upgrades to ensure residents in your home have the earliest possible warning in the event of a fire.

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Smoke alarm legislation changes

Queensland smoke alarm legislation has changed, requiring all substantially renovated residences and new properties approved after January 1st, 2017 to be fitted with interconnected, photoelectric smoke alarm systems.

  • Smoke alarms must be located:
    • on each storey
    • in all bedrooms
    • in hallways that connect bedrooms to the rest of the house
    • if there's no hallway, between bedrooms and other parts of the storey
    • if there are no bedrooms on a storey, at least one smoke alarm must be installed in the most likely path of travel to exit the home
  • All smoke alarms must be the photoelectric type.
  • Smoke alarms must be either hardwired to your home's mains power supply with a battery backup, or 10-year non-removable lithium battery powered alarms.
  • Smoke alarms are required to be interconnected with every smoke alarm in the dwelling so if one is triggered all activate together providing the best and earliest warning of a fire.
  • Interconnection can be either wired or wireless.

The updated legislation also states that every alarm replaced or installed from 1 January 2017 must be a photoelectric type smoke alarm.

For your safety and the safety of everyone in your home, hardwired smoke alarms must be installed by a licenced electrician.

Find out more about the new QLD smoke alarm legislation.

Why use photoelectric smoke alarms?

Photoelectric smoke alarms 'see' the smoke. These alarms detect visible particles of combustion. Photoelectric alarms are particularly responsive to smouldering fires which give off a lot of smoke. This style of smoke alarm provides residents with the earliest warning of a fire situation.

For more information on the updated legislation and details on the relevant deadline for when your home needs to comply refer to our post - How the new QLD smoke alarm legislation affects you or download the Queensland Fire and Emergency Services fact sheet.

New Smoke Alarm Legislation New Smoke Alarm Legislation (267 KB)

Request a quote to update your smoke alarms today

Request a quote today to update your home's smoke alarm systems in line with the new legislation on 1300 762 260 or complete our booking request form. Our team can also help with routine smoke alarm installation, servicing, and testing.

Brooks Smoke Alarms

Brooks Smoke Alarms

Brooks, established in 1973, is an Australian fire products company who have been supplying top quality reliable smoke alarms throughout Australia for over 15 years. All Brooks smoke alarms comply with Australian and New Zealand standards. We carry a range of Brooks smoke alarms for all applications. (See PDF download for individual product details.)

Brooks - Photoelectric Smoke Alarm

Mains Powered 230V - 9 Volt Alkaline Battery Back-Up - Model EIB146

Brooks Photoelectric Smoke Alarm - EIB146 Brooks Photoelectric Smoke Alarm - EIB146 (45 KB)

Brooks - Multi-Sensor Smoke Alarm

Mains Powered 230V - Remote control capability and rechargeable battery back-up - Model EIB2110

Brooks Multi Sensor Smoke Alarm - EIB2110 Brooks Multi Sensor Smoke Alarm - EIB2110 (51 KB)

Brooks - Photoelectric Smoke Alarm

Main Powered with built-in 10 year+ rechargeable lithium cells - Model EIPFSPTLH

Brooks Photoelectric Smoke Alarm - EIPFSPTLH Brooks Photoelectric Smoke Alarm - EIPFSPTLH (69 KB)

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