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RCD - when to install

What is an RCD and how does it work?

An RCD (Residual-Current Device, also called a Safety Switch) is designed to monitor the flow of electricity through a circuit and cut off the electricity supply automatically when a leak is detected from a fault (in the wiring, an appliance or a switch).

The RCD detects when the electric current is not balanced between the energized conductor and the return neutral conductor. The RCD will disconnect the power supply quickly enough to prevent injury from electrocution (usually in under 30 milliseconds).

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When do I need to install an RCD?

An RCD or Safety Switch needs to be installed in the following situations:

Building a new home

All new homes built since 1992 must have RCD's installed on light and power circuits.

Buying a property

If the property you have purchased does not have RCD's installed you must ensure they are installed within 3 months of property transfer.

Renting out a property

All rental properties must have RCD's installed by the property owner within 6 months of lease agreement beginning.

Manufacturing Industry

All socket outlets not more than 20A and socket outlets used for specified electrical equipment require hard wired RCD protection.

Office work and Service work

RCD protection must be supplied and tested or inspection and testing of specified electrical equipment must be performed.

Amusement work

All specified electrical equipment must be connected to an RCD.

Rural Industry work

RCD protection must be supplied and tested or inspection and testing of specified electrical equipment must be performed.

How can Fallon Solutions help?

Fallon Solutions has an outstanding reputation for providing quality work in the electrical field. With over 50 vehicles you can be sure our accredited Master Electrician will arrive on time and carry out the work in a professional manner.We can install, supply and test your RCD.

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RCD's Save Lives!

It takes very little time for an electrical shock to kill. Conventional circuit breakers or fuses will only break the circuit when the total current is excessive, by that time the electricity will have caused harm. An RCD will detect very small leakages, before they become potentially life threatening. Is it worth risking a life?

Do you need an RCD tested in your home or office?

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