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Heat Pump Hot Water Systems

Looking to purchase a new heat pump water heater?

Fallon Solutions plumbing department can assist with all of your heat pump hot water system needs. From expert advice on the best system for your property to full installation and servicing, we can help. Our team has been providing quality water heating systems for over 50 years.

Heat Pump Enquiry

Heat pump hot water systems operate by extracting the warmth in the outside air to a heat exchange system that then heats the water. Electricity is used, but purely to pump the refrigerant around, not to heat water.

Fallon Solutions is experienced with all the leading hot water system brands including the service and installation of Quantum, Bosch, and Rheem heat pumps. We have a team of trained plumbers and over 50 vehicles servicing at any one time ensuring that we can attend to your hot water needs today.

Advantages of a heat pump water heater

  • Energy efficient - three times more power efficient than an electric storage hot water system
  • No panels on roof required
  • Do not require sunlight to operate
  • Help reduce your carbon footprint and greenhouse gas emissions
  • Work especially well in the warm temperate climate of south-east Queensland
  • Most heat pumps water heaters utilise the same plumbing as electric hot water so perfect to retrofit.

We supply, install, and service all the leading brands

Fallon Solutions offer the supply, installation, and repairs to all the major heat pump water heater brands, including the following:

Rheem Hot Water Dux Hot Water Quantum Heat Pump Hot Water Systems

Our range of heat pump hot water systems

Fallon Solutions recognise the benefits that come with helping the environment and lowering your water heating costs. Find out if a heat pump hot water system could be right for your home. Call our team on 1300 762 260 or complete a booking request today

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