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Tempering Valves

Is your hot water system too hot?

Hot water not set to the correct temperature results in hundreds of scalding cases each year. It is essential that if your hot water is too hot that you install a tempering valve to maintain a constant temperature and avoid the risk of scalds. Ensure your hot water is safe, contact Fallon Solutions plumbing team for the installation, testing and repairs of tempering valves in your home or business.

Tempering Valve Enquiry

Why do I need to install a tempering valve on a domestic hot water system?

Tempering valves must be installed on new hot water systems so that your hot water complies with Australian Standards (AS 3500). This legislation requires hot water to be set at a temperature to minimise the risk of scalding. In Queensland, you must install a tempering value if you are replacing a hot water system.

Tempering valve installation, repair and testing | Fallon Solutions

How does a tempering valve work?

In essence, a tempering valve blends hot and cold water to ensure that the output is delivering the right temperature for the application. There are a range of different tempering valves depending on the plumbing application and vary between domestic and commercial applications.

Are tempering valves compulsory?

The short answer is yes. In all new homes or renovations, it is compulsory that your licenced plumber installs a tempering valve or thermostatic mixing valve to your hot water system.

Hot water is dangerous and can lead to third-degree burns. It doesn’t take long to get scalded by hot water, the approximate times and temperatures to cause third-degree burns for adults and children are as follows:

  • 50°C - 5 minutes for both adults and children
  • 55°C - 10 seconds for adults and 7 seconds for children
  • 60°C - 5 seconds for adults and 1 second for children
  • 70°C - 1 second for adults and 0.5 seconds for children
Hence, the legislation stipulates homeowners and businesses to restrict the supply of hot water (from water outlets) between 45-50°C with the help of tempering valves and thermostatic mixing valves. 

What are the different types of tempering valves?

Fallon Solutions provide installation, testing, repairs and replacement services for all types of valves like:

  • Blue cap tempering valve - commonly used for electric water heaters
  • Green cap tempering valve - designed for gas hot water systems.
  • Orange cap tempering valve - solar hot water and heat pump hot water systems.
  • Black cap tempering valve – for large capacity systems.

Professional tempering valve installation services

Hot water systems do not come with a tempering valve. So if you are installing a new hot water system, our licensed plumbers can help. They need to be installed by licensed professional and have the duty of care to ensure that the installation complies with Australian Standards AS 3500. 

Our plumbers will test and clean the hot water system from debris prior to installation of the tempering valve. We will then install the valve, adjust the temperature and test the water pressure from both cold and hot water outlets to ensure the tempering valve works as expected and you get a reliable supply of hot water. For new hot water installations, we also provide a compliance certificate for your complete peace of mind.

Tempering valve testing 

Is the water hotter than usual? The expected lifespan of a tempering valve is 5 years and it needs to be replaced every 5 years or when there's an issue. Prevention is better than cure and we recommend our customers to get the tempering valves tested annually so any issue can be found out sooner rather than later.

If you haven't had your tempering valve tested recently, give us a call and we would be happy to assist.

Repairs and replacement of tempering valves

Do you have a limited supply of hot water or not enough hot water? It could be due to a faulty tempering valve or accumulation of debris in the inline filters of tempering valves. Our master plumbers can identify the issue and repair or replace the valve. 

Confused about tempering valves?

Fallon Solutions Master Plumbers keep abreast of all the latest plumbing laws and can ensure that your plumbing is installed to the relevant Australian Standards. 

If you are making changes to your hot water system and need advice, get in touch with the team at Fallon Solutions for all of your hot water system requirements on 1300 762 260 or complete our booking form today.

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