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Under Sink Hot Water Systems

Considering installing an under sink hot water system?

Here’s what you need to know.

Under sink hot water is often referred to using multiple variations, such as under sink hot water system or under sink hot water heater. These slight variations all refer to a system that produces instant hot water, saving energy and adding convenience.

As there are many types of hot water systems and heater options available, this can get overwhelming and confusing when trying to choose a hot water system for your home. If you’re wanting to consider the option of instant boiling water, you should speak to a trusted plumber in your area to find out what type of water heating would suit your household.

Under Sink Hot Water Enquiry

Why choose to use an under sink hot water system?

  • The main benefit of having an under sink hot water system is instantaneous hot water, this is very beneficial in an office setting, commercial kitchen and useful in your home.
  • An under sink hot water system is energy efficient and saves time when compared to other methods of boiling water such kettles and stove top boiling.
  • This type of system is inconspicuous and space saving as it doesn't take up room on the bench top like most kitchen appliances, rather it's installed under the sink (as the name suggests) 

Potential problems of an Under Sink Hot Water System

While there are many benefits to having instant hot water, it is important to understand and learn the potential problems involved with these types of heating systems. One of the major concerns of instant boiling water is the potential safety hazard.

Having hot water right at your fingertips is not always suitable for all lifestyles especially if you live in a household with children or elderly persons.

In these two age groups, there is heightened risk of accidents caused by lack of awareness and inability to comprehend the risks of such a device. With the average under sink hot water system reaching between 90-120 degrees Celsius, there is the risk of severe burns if caution is not taken around this appliance.

If you are worried about these risks, the water temperature of these devices can easily be turned down to a safer, more suitable temperature. The popularity of instant hot water systems have grown in the past few years, and with this growth has come the invention of inbuilt safety locks. 

One of the most popular brands that has an inbuilt safety lock is ZIP hot water systems, as they also have a large range of systems to specifically suit your household depending on the needs and occupants. The Zip hydrotap continues to be a popular option for those who live with children, as it has a unique childproof safety lock which requires a two finger operation system to prevent accidental boiling water dispersion. 

If you’re considering an under sink hot water system, you came to the right place. Fallon solutions can provide recommendations or easy installation for your chosen hot water system through one of our qualified plumbers. It’s as easy as contacting 1300 762 260 or completing our service request today.

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