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Blocked Drains - a guide!

Help to unblock your drain!

Drains are not something that most people put a lot of thought into, unless of course something has gone wrong. Then they start to put a fair bit of thought into them. Especially when the drain becomes totally unusable and life as you knew it grinds to a halt. Lucky for you, the team at Fallon Solutions has already put all the thought into blocked drains so that you don't have to. The only thought you need to put in is giving them a call. Easy.

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What to do with a blocked drain?

People often want to know what caused their blocked drain as it is not something they feel like repeating again in a hurry. Most of the time a blocked drain is caused by a build up of waste materials. Often these waste materials combine together to form a glutinous mass. Hair on its own is not too bad, but mix hair with shampoo and conditioner and you have a fibrous and adhesive substance that will block drains with ease. This can be remedied somewhat by putting strainers over all your plugholes and regularly cleaning them out so material doesn't end up being forced through. It's also a good idea to check the drains that are most likely to get blocked, like those in the kitchen and the shower. It may be that they need a fine strainer to ensure that not too much material makes it down the drain.

How do you know if your drain is blocked?

One of the first warning signs that you are having drain problems is that it takes longer than usual for your sink, shower or bath to drain, or empty. If this is starting to happen then you should act quickly as the problem will only get worse and if you catch it early on it will be quicker, easier and cheaper to sort out. If you leave it too long you could end up flooding part or all of your house. Not only can this be a damaging process, it can also be unhygienic, especially if the drain that is blocked is in your bathroom.

Blocked Drains

The expert plumbing team at Fallon Solutions can be there quickly to sort out your blocked drain. Depending on where it's blocked and what it is blocked, with we will use one or more of a number of different techniques and tools we have on hand to unblock your drain.

Sometimes, the blockage can be moved using a plunger but often it is more serious than that. If issue is a blocked toilet then often an auger has to be used. If the blockage is not responding to invasive techniques, chemicals may be used to break it up. If the blockage has occurred further down a pipe and is hard to reach then a longer electro mechanical machine may have to be used to reach down and break the blockage up.

Whatever it takes, Fallon Solutions plumbers will unblock it. Contact our team today on 1300 762 260 or complete our plumber booking using the blue 'Book a Plumber' button.

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