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Blocked Toilets

We can unblock your toilet fast

Having a blocked toilet can be extremely inconvenient, unhygienic and downright disgusting. Fallon Solutions plumbing team understand just how bad a blocked toilet can be and are on hand to help out with this often messy situation. Our plumbers offer prompt, practical solutions for even the most clogged toilet throughout Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

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Common causes of blocked toilets

Blocked toilets can be caused by a number of issues. Most often, they are caused by too much toilet paper being used, or something that shouldn’t be flushed, being flushed.

The ceramic toilets bowl and pipe drain into smaller waste pipes which often means something that can be flushed down the initial toilet opening gets stuck in the next pipe.

If you have small children it is a good idea to make sure that the bathroom doors are closed, as it is frequently the younger members of the house who like to flush anonymous items down toilets and end up causing blocked drains. Also, having a sign up beside the toilet reminding users to use a minimum of toilet paper helps. As well as a note to use a bin for unflushable items like toilet wet wipes and sanitary items, anything which isn't toilet paper really.

Prevention is always the better than repair when it comes to blocked toilets.

What to do if you have a blocked toilet

What if, despite your best efforts, the toilet becomes blocked? Don’t keep flushing, as often this will make your problem worse.

First thing you should do is grab a plunger. You should always have a plunger on hand at home, in case the toilet clogs. Quite often, all it takes is some vigorous, careful plunging and the problem passes.

Make a seal with the plunger across the toilet opening and forcefully yet carefully begin to plunge. You should feel a degree of resistance if you are doing it properly. Hopefully, after about five to ten plunges, you should hear some movement in the pipes.

When you hear the sound from the pipes, take the plunger out and check the water levels. If it has worked the water should be back to the normal height. If not, then your blockage is more severe and is going to need more work and the help of a plumber.

Where to get great plumbing help?

Unless you are confident in your skills then this is about the time that you should call Fallon Solutions plumbing team on 1300 762 260. Our plumbers are on call 24/7 to respond promptly to your toilet blockage problems, any time of the day or night.

Important Tip - Whatever you do, don’t keep trying to flush the toilet and stop using it immediately. The last thing you want is raw sewage spilling out into your house.

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