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Drain Repairs

Need blocked drain repair?

If you need drain repairs Fallon Solutions are your one-call local plumbers. Our 24 hour plumbing service means we can fix your drain problems fast. Our team are always current with the latest developments in drain repair technology. We can help with all residential and commercial plumbing problems including clearing blocked drains, repairing sewer pipes and stormwater drains.

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The 'In's of drain pipe repair

There are a number of things that could result in you needing drain repairs - many of which are preventable or at the least minimised through basic maintenance. If we pay attention to the "ins" you may not need to worry about the "outs".

Drain Salad - The first suspect when it comes to drain repair is drain salad. Drain salad comes from the kitchen sink and is the combination of everything that has been washed down the plug hole. Preventing drain salad is as easy as scooping out all the food scraps rather than washing them away or using a plughole strainer.

Hair Ball - Another common suspect is the hairball. The hairball is an accumulation of hair and other bathroom products, like soap and shampoo, that have formed a sticky, glutinous mass in your drain. Much like drain salad, the best way to prevent the hairball is to scoop the hair out of the plug as often as possible and utilise a plughole strainer.

Return to Sender - Also a common cause of drain repairs is the return to sender. This is any item that you or your children should not have flushed. The toilet plumbing constricts once the pipes reach the walls and, unsurprisingly, things that can fit in the toilet often get stuck later on.

All these can be prevented by using a drain sieve and have a bin conveniently located near the sinks in the bathroom, toilet and kitchen. Plastic or chrome plated drain sieves are available from most good grocery or hardware stores. Also, a good practical tip is to keep the bathroom & toilet doors shut as a good deterrent for children and their toys.

The 'Outs'

The ‘outs’ are the ways to fix a blocked drain, which could vary depending on what has caused the obstruction and where it is located.

Blocked sinks can often be repaired by simply unscrewing the piping underneath and manually clearing the blockage with a length of hose or similar. However, this is not an option for most toilets or showers. In this case, you will often be able unblocked drains using drain plungers or drain augers. These will usually only work if the blockage is within a metre or so of the opening.

Another useful DIY home plumbing method of drain cleaning is using a chemical solution, which will break down whatever is causing the obstruction. This method to unblock drains is quite successful and can be used with stubborn blockages in sinks, toilets and showers. However, use with caution and always wear the recommended safety gear and work in a well-ventilated room.

If your drain is still blocked call in an experienced licenced plumber. A licenced plumber can use tools such as a Plumbers Snake or Jet Rodder. These will reach up to ten metres, meaning that it can virtually get to any blockage in a regular home.

For more information about repairing blocked drains.

Clearing and repairing drains

For all the ‘outs’ of drain repairs and blocked drains, contact Fallon Solutions. We can help with all residential plumbing and commercial plumbing for clearing blocked drains, sewer pipes and stormwater drains.

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