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Drainage Solutions

Need help with stormwater drainage or pipes?

Fallon Solutions licensed Plumbers can help. We will find out exactly what the problem is and then provide effective, practical solutions to fix it. From clearing a blocked drain to installing a new stormwater drainage system, we can do it all. Where ever you are in Brisbane or the Gold Coast, give us a call today.

Drainage Enquiry

Who’s responsible for house drains?

Under Local Law, all household drains, and their upkeep & maintenance, are the responsibility of the resident owners. This means the section of drainage that lies within the property boundaries are also the residents' responsibility. The Brisbane City Council recommends only licensed plumbers are used for any private drain or plumbing works you may require.

Common drain issues

We have solutions for all common drain problems, and many issues which are not so common.

  • Fix Blocked downpipes
  • Jet Rodder- with electric Eel and CCTV to ensure the drains are unblocked
  • Repairs stormwater drains
  • Downpipe replacements
  • Gutter replacements and repairs
  • Underground stormwater installation
  • Underground stormwater repairs
  • Stormwater pits
  • Channel drains
  • Full home drainage solutions

Stormwater drains

During the peak storm season 100's of litres of water can fall on your property and if you do not have the correct drainage in place, the water can't run off. This can be potentially dangerous to your house. Rising damp and water sitting around has not only health hazards but can cost you money. It is vital that your property has the correct drainage solutions in place.

Fallon Solutions can come to your property and design a range of drains and pits to ensure that your stormwater is collected and runs off into a legal discharge point such as a stormwater drain.

Why use Fallon Solutions?

We have a team of qualified plumbers on board that are experienced with all drainage solutions. We have a fleet of over 50 vehicles servicing Brisbane and are a member of the Master Plumbers Association.

Our plumbers are trained to use specialised equipment to clear blocked drains or have access to quality parts for repairs.

So don’t delay, call Fallon Solutions on 1300 762 260 for all your drainage solutions in Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

Blocked Drain FAQ

Common causes of blocked drains

The most common causes of blocked drains include: •Hair •Toilet Paper •Sanitary Items •Grease and fat build ups •Tree Roots •Foreign objects such as small amounts of foods and soaps building up.

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How to unblock a drain - 6 ways to success

Option 1. The Natural Way. Option 2. The Old-Fashioned Way. Option 3. The Technical Way. Option 4. The Toxic Way. Option 5. The U-Turn Way. Option 6. The Easy Way. For more in depth information visit the link below.

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For more in depth blocked drain information visit our Blocked Drains Information page

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Some of our videos showing you handy hints on blocked drain and more.

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