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Blocked Drains

Our Drainage Solutions help in clearing blocked drains

Block drains are so annoying. Regardless of what type of drain or pipes you have blocked, it is a major inconvenience. Blocked drains can result in stormwater or raw sewage backing up and running throughout your house and property - lawns, gardens or even carpets. For businesses it could affect productivity and sales by reducing customer visits. The foul smells and power cuts are some of the frightening problems associated with drainage blocks.

Blocked Drain Enquiry

Clearing blocked drains and sewer pipes is a critical aspect of a community flood prevention and reduction strategy. After the Brisbane floods we all learnt what a major disruption floods can be to businesses and how important adequate drainage is to the health of our communities.

Water Jetters

One of the most reliable ways to remove built-up grease, grunge and obstructions from blocked drains and sewer pipes is by using water force through water jetting systems. We use the latest water jetters drain cleaning machine, also known as a jet rodder, which completely clears away the cause of the blocked drain. This machine has an adjustable nozzle which provides high pressure drain cleaning to clear blocked drains. Using different length hoses and nozzles, we are able to control the water jetters reach and water pressure to fully flush out any grease, roots or foreign objects that might be causing the blocked drains. This is a time efficient and cost effective method of unblocking drains.

Plumbing snake

Fallons plumbing services use other drain cleaning equipment such as plumbers snake (electric eel). A plumbers snake is used to cut up and break down objects causing the blocked drains. They are instrumental in unblocking drains and will often clear the blocked drain of the foreign object when the snake is removed. Electric eel plumbing is also useful for drain cleaning as any built up matter that may be reducing the diameter of the pipes is scraped away at the same time. A plumbing snake consists of a long coiled wire attached to a crank that is turned clockwise to cut through the object causing the blockage, breaking up the blockage using the spinning blades and unblocking drains. It will often force itsself into a blockage, clearing blocked drains as the plumbing snake is removed.

Drain Camera Inspection System

At Fallon Solutions we us the latest CCTV (closed circuit television) drain camera equipment to survey drainage systems to investigate blocked drains. Our drain camera inspection system not only helps us to locate the blockage, it also provides a visual of any damage to the pipe, location and depth of the blocked drain. Our plumber services will then use either a plumbing snake (aka electric eel or drain auger) or water jetters (aka jet rodder) high pressure water jet cleaner for clearing blocked drains. From experience, we find blocked drains result from tree roots, plastic objects, small toys, hair and cloth, which are difficult to remove with a plunger or chemical drain cleaning. The other advantage of the CCTV drain camera is it locates any damaged or broken pipes so we know where exactly to dig. We can use the drain camera to visually inspect to ensure a job well done!!!

Benefits of CCTV Drain Camera Inspection

Prevention is by far better than the cure, so carrying out regular maintenance will reduce the chances of a block. Clearing debris from roof gutters and downpipes is a worthwhile exercise every 6 months. Better still, you can also request us to complete a drainage system check where we use our CCTV inspection system to survey your drainage system. A regular drain inspection will help identify any structural issues and avoid unexpected blockages giving you peace of mind and limiting emergency plumbing expenses.

Don't delay in unblocking your drains - Early detection and action could significantly reduce or prevent the need for expensive drain cleaning and repairs - saving you money and the inconvenience!

Contact Fallon Solutions on 1300 762 260 for a drainage solution and to CLEAR YOUR BLOCKED DRAINS today!

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