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Sewer Pipe Repairs

Do you have Stormwater Drainage or Sewer Pipes issues?

Stormwater drains and sewer pipes usually work fine during times of normal capacities, and should be designed to deal with higher than average capacities. However this is not always the case! Some systems have a limited capacity, and often they cannot cope if there has been severe flooding or damage to part of the system. If there has been flooding in your area or some kind of land movement, whether it is natural or manmade, it's important for you to keep an eye out for stormwater and sewer problems.

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Causes of Storm Water and Sewage Problems?

Being mindful of how these systems work is the first step to increasing your awareness of an emerging problem. Learn the difference between a stormwater drainage system and sewage system. Keep in mind that both systems are gravity assisted, therefore if your house is at a lower level then most you can expect more potential problems than if you lived at the top of a hill.

Issues that commonly contribute to the overload of these systems include: Cracked pipes; tree roots; broken pipes; boundary traps damaged or cracked; illegal system connections; poorly fitted inspection holes and low lying areas. Any one or a combination of these causes, along with increased rainfall or extreme weather and the systems can reach and exceed capacity, resulting in storm water and sewage flooding homes and properties.


There are a number of major symptoms to look out for with stormwater drain and sewer pipes problems:

  • Water accumulation in new places, either inside the house or on your property. Check in your basement, if you have one, as this will be one of the first places affected. Try to look under your house, as this can be one of the most serious places to be damaged, and the hardest to spot.
  • Unusual and disgusting smells - This could be a problem with the sewer. Even if you cannot see it, it may be leaking underground or somewhere hidden. You may even find an area of land that is soggy with overflow.
  • Changing Water Levels in Toilets and sudden airflow - Be mindful of any changes that are happening in your toilet as they may be indicative of bigger problems within the sewer. Also, the toilet may be slow to drain and occassionally backs up.
  • Unusual sounds from underground plumbing - You also need to be watchful of strange sounds coming from the pipes underground. Often when stormwater drains and sewers experience problems they will make unusual noises, like sudden rushing water and gurgling. If you hear unusual noises then it is likely there is a serious problem.

Sewage and Storm Drainage Solutions

Due to the seriousness of stormwater drainage and sewer pipe problems, it is recommended you get expert help immediately. Not only can it damage the structural integrity of your home and be a costly expense, it can also be a health and environmental hazard. If you think you have a problem with your storm water drains or sewer pipes, dont' risk the health and safety of your family, contact Fallon Solutions for stormwater drainage solutions.

Better still - don't wait for a problem to occur. An effective stormwater drainage and sewer pipes maintenance program for your stormwater and sewage outlets could help you save on costly repairs, unsightly and putrid sewage and storm water flooding and drain back up.

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