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Tigo Solar Optimizer

Ensure your solar panels are working at 100% with a solar optimiser

If you’re searching for a way to ensure your solar panels are working at peak performance all year round, a solar optimiser is the way to go… and a Tigo optimiser is one of the best in the business. Solar optimisers are a great option to make sure you are getting the most out of your solar system. Fallon Solutions solar specialists can help reduce your mains electricity bills and increase the energy efficiency of your solar PV system.

We offer comprehensive installation services for TIGO optimisers in solar power systems of all shapes and sizes. Contact Fallon Solutions to discuss how a solar optimiser could benefit your solar system output today.

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What is a solar optimizer?

A solar optimizer, which can also be called a solar panel optimiser, panel-level optimisation, or module-level power electronics, is a product which ensures your solar panels are working at their most efficient.

What does a Tigo Optimizer do?

A Tigo optimizer ensures that the effectiveness of your system is not reduced if one or more of the solar panels are in the shade.

Some solar systems are in ‘strings’, which means that if one panel is obstructed or not working at 100%, this can affect the operation of all panels. Solar optimizers help avoid this issue and allow solar panels to work more independently of each other.

The Tigo solar optimiser system offers:

  • increased solar panel performance
  • better safety - with rapid panel level shutdown if needed
  • panel level monitoring

Why add a solar optimiser to your solar system?

There are a range of positives when it comes to solar optimisers, but the main one is that it allows individual solar panels to operate at peak performance, even if one or more are shaded or obstructed. This ensures better energy efficiency for your solar unit and allows your system to continue generating power in times of partial shade or individual panel fault.

Why choose a Tigo Optimizer?

Tigo is an industry-leading solar company that specialises in top quality solar inverter and panel optimisers. They are known for reliable and long lasting products, which is something that Fallon Solutions looks for in any manufacturers’ products we choose to install.

Why use Fallon Solutions for your solar needs?

There are plenty of benefits to choosing Fallon Solutions to take care of your solar needs including the expert installation of a solar optimiser.

  • We are an established and reputable company with years of industry experience.
  • We offer a full range of solar services.
  • We only choose top quality products to ensure a long lasting, reliable result.
  • All our solar technicians are fully qualified professionals and CEC accredited solar installers.
  • We value your time and will call to let you know we are on the way.
  • The safety and satisfaction of our customers is our number one priority.

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Your local solar specialists in Brisbane & the Gold Coast

Get more out of your solar investment with a Tigo Solar Optimiser from Fallon Solutions. We offer complete solar services throughout Brisbane, Logan, Ipswich, the Gold Coast, Moreton Bay, and Redlands areas. Contact our solar team at 1300 762 260 or complete our quick solar service request form today.

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