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Solar Repairs

Professional and reliable solar repair services

Is your solar power system underperforming or producing minimal power output? Our experienced solar technicians can help. Fallon Solutions offers comprehensive solar power repair solutions for homes and businesses across Brisbane and the Gold Coast. Our decades of experience, excellent customer service, and the high level of professionalism sets us apart from our competitors. Contact our solar specialists today for solar system, panel, and inverter repairs services.

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6 signs you need solar repairs

  1. Low power output
  2. Error message on the inverter
  3. A red light on the solar inverter during the day or no light at all
  4. Sudden rise in your electricity bills
  5. If your panels are more than 20 years old
  6. Cracks in the solar panels

Certified and reliable solar repair technicians

Whether the problem is due to hot spots or micro-cracks or faulty inverters, our certified solar technicians can diagnose and provide specialist repairs for your solar system. We offer a range of solar repair services like:

Professional solar repair services

Our technicians have replaced hundreds of solar systems including the panels, inverters, or other components. In our experience, most of the problems arise due to faulty connections and defective or badly installed components.

Regardless of the problem, we can get your system back up and running by diagnosing and repairing the issue promptly. If there’s any faulty or defective part, our technicians will replace it with genuine and quality spare parts. Whether you are looking for solar electricians for residential or commercial needs, you can rely on Fallon Solutions.

9 common problems with solar power systems

  1. Dirt on solar panels
  2. Faulty wiring & bad connections
  3. Loose or damaged roof tiles
  4. Damage to the wiring by birds and animals
  5. Corrosion and delamination - the solar panels must be airtight and waterproof to function effectively. However, if the lamination process was improper, it can lead to corrosion and will decrease the power production significantly.
  6. Potential Induced Degradation (PID) - Voltage differences between the earthing and panel can lead to reduced performance and premature ageing of the PV panel.
  7. Snail trail contamination - the discolouration of the panel. One of the most common reasons for this problem is due to a defective front metallization silver paste used in the production process. This defect usually arises after exposure to the sun and can lead to a decline in electricity production capacity.
  8. Micro-cracks - Cracks in solar panels can develop due to thermal and seasonal conditions. These tiny cracks can damage the solar cells and reduce the power output of the panel.
  9. Hot spots - Hot spots are warm, overloaded spots on solar panels. They can arise due to faulty soldered connections or defective solar cells. The hot spots can short circuit the system, decrease the lifespan of the panel, and reduce the performance of the complete solar system.

Trusted residential and commercial solar repairs Brisbane & Gold Coast

For prompt, professional residential and commercial solar repair services, contact Fallon Solutions solar specialists at 1300 762 260 or complete our quick online solar repair request form above.

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