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The most energy efficient way to heat your home.


Lee: With winter fast approaching homeowners are looking at ways to stay warm Av what's the best way?

Av: Well Lee one of the first steps is to ensure your walls and ceiling is insulated. If a home is properly insulated it's much easier to maintain the temperature.

Lee: And after insulation is installed what are the best options for heating?

Av: A lot of people don't realize that your reverse cycle air conditioning system is one of the most energy efficient ways to maintain that temperature.

Lee: How is the reverse cycle air conditioner more efficient?

Av: Well Lee instead of using evergy to create heat, it captures the heat from the outside and brings it inside.

Lee: What about fan heaters or gas heating?

Av: Well electrical fan heaters are notoriously expensive and dangerous that's why we advise against them. In 2016 a study by the University of Melbourne showed that the gas heaters are less efficient than your split cycle air conditioning systems.

Lee: Okay so how do we change our AC unit from summer to winter settings?

Av: Well it's simple actually if we press the mode button it'll change the symbol from snowflake to sun. Then we simply set the desired temperature.

Lee: What's the most efficient temperature to run your house during the cool winter nights in South East Queensland?

Lee: Well it's up to the individuals comfort level but just remember, the lower the temperature the more energy-efficient will be for you.

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